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 =====Diary of daily events and monthly abstracts of trends==== =====Diary of daily events and monthly abstracts of trends====
-**//January 2012//**+**//Annual abstracts 2011//** 
 +**The psycho-drama during events 2011.** 
 +The psychic maps show strong emotional peaks from December 2010 to December 2011. The first one is “The big explosion and unexpected eruption” headed by the events in Fukushima, the tsunami and the nuclear contamination,​ the impacts of the Arab Spring, the war in Libya. Compared to it the other periods of events, mainly the previous one “Inner borders and external pressures”,​ which mirror the emerging critical disparities and dissonances in the European Union, are less dramatic and emotional. While in December 2010 Europe’s global context seemed relatively settled, the aftermath of this explosion looks like a rough sea. The periods seem to react to each other. ​ So, “Back to own roads” is a period characterized by fears and options to draw back and consider probable impacts of such critical events and eruptions of the global arena to the own world.  
 +“Overview on the streams”: The dramatic events are not only accompanied by emotions but stimulate the mental maps illustrating the changes. The events reveal the hidden architecture of world society and its streams of probable developments. The central shift is the impact of the dramatic Arabic spring events on the sharing of global power and its legitimation among the central players as well as the impact of additional problems for instance mass migrations and instabilities of border situations and rules. 
 +A second emotional peak is the period “Symptoms of late Roman Empire”. These events tell about the fears of losing the hegemonic and control power at the margins of the global society, in the South and in the new economies, the BRIC-States. The period is characterized by “skating exhibitions”,​ strong words without actions, conferences without outcomes and scandalizing events linked to specific leaders.  
 +“Back to high-ideologies” describes a significant trend in the field of values and ideologies; the events in Norway shocked everywhere and later on neo-Nazi criminals have been investigated in Germany. Where is the mainstream ideology, the “middle band ideology” joining wishes for a civic and welfare society transcending the classical conservative,​ liberal and socialist ideologies? In August the fears in face of critical developments increased again and evoke “Cassandra'​s chatter”. 
 +Generally, the events during 2011 illustrate that the world events have to be read as a map of interactions on different levels and locations: “Global society between macro and micro”. Tensions in the macro-scope,​ the Euro-American hegemony still anchored in common universal ambitions, are visible in the meso-scope, for instance in European nations between the Atlantic and Ural, North and South, and simultaneously in the micro-scope of Middle East, borders and frictions between Egypt, Israel, Syria and Turkey.  
 +“World society'​s face” – events of each period are narratives about the contradictions of global society, if one looks on the daily flow of events, for instance the obscure death of Colonel Gaddafi in a desert compared with the splendid mourning of Steve Jobs, celebrated as the hero of modern virtual world. Simultaneously ongoing events articulate the contradictions and opposing forces, which design together with the commonalities the psychic and mental map of world society.  
 +Mankind became close to the psychic map of burnout during the year 2011. The problems and tensions increased significantly while the capacities to act efficiently and just in time seem to be blocked. The period is sketched by “Arriving at a burnout” (November 11). The critical trends continued during the last period of 2011 in December. Like in a clinical situation the problems increased, but the capacity to cope remained on the same level or fell down. Instead of actions, ideals are declared or programmes are postponed to the agenda of tomorrow (climate conference).  
 +But in the December period a feature of the psychic map becomes visible: Vàclav Havel and Kim Jong-il contrast two faces of global mourning. ​ In the East, North Korea, Kim Jong died; he represented the collective memory of a most dramatic period, the polarization between West und East, between the liberal and communist world vision. Vàclav Havel symbolized the memory of the “Time of round tables” in Eastern Europe ending the period of two polarized worlds, which Kim Jong perceived as endless. It seems that the world society is still moving between these two extreme poles of evolving its face, its borders and very different diversity.  
 +But in 2012 the world will celebrate the Olympic games in London. The narrative of these events, maybe together with the European Football Championship in Poland and in the Ukraine, will surely contrast to the critical outlooks from 2011. First events indicate that the common games will contribute to the pride, mainly of poor nations and of those who demand the entry into the world community since they share big populations with expectations for the future. The world society has various faces and will show them in the coming events 2012.