Birds explore the future of European landscapes. In the book “Analysis and Visions of Europe” we give an answer. EU hitting Europe's birds. The future of landscapes.
World Observatory undertakes an event analysis in order to understand and analyse the evolution of European borders. The abstract of trends July 11 is published: Evolving Borders
Threshold passed by EUFP7 proposal TRAPPA focused on neighbourhood-relations between EU countries, Eastern European and Mediterranean states. Tua res agitur paries cum proximus ardet.
The future development of European Union and the financial crisis are addressed in papers and announcements of calls World_Observatory.
Globalisation arrives at Eastern Europe: In 2011 publications of results are completed by the case studies of LOCLAB (Local Labour Markets) WORLD_DRIVES research projects.
In the next period cultural projects with a focus on literature and arts are prepared WORLD_DRIVES cultural projects.

Thereby we integrate the work of significant scholars and intellectuals. The clash of civilizations, the scenario of own world, is linked to Samuel P. Huntington who died last year.

Samuel P. Huntington 1927 – 2008


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